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Ever Deeper, Never Better by Rich Norman


Ever Deeper Never Better is an action novel based around the transformation of James Holdsworth from an average young American, "one of us," into the us we do not see.  War makes invisible allegory come alive as we are swept in its tide toward survival and our unknown animal self–––the shadow self we all hide.  James Holdsworth moves from morality to immorality and madness by way of action and humor, until the enormous tensions are resolved in a sumptuous liquid ending which offers up the answer sought by every divided soul.  Ever Deeper Never Better is Action, Allegory and Answer. 


This novel approaches our American psychology via allegory.  The essential fundamental elements of the American personality are explored as we watch its construction in James Holdsworth.  As a society, we can see our hidden but omnipresent unconscious aspects emerge in war.  Here the root unconscious fantasies which make the American economic system, foreign policy and national character tick are exposed.  The unconscious is given vent in war so be warned––this book contains violence!  Gasp!  Many aspects of criminal psychopathology are authentically produced for your examination!  The main theme of the novel is the genesis of morality and immorality, both so deeply mistaken.  Then the disorder is dissolved, and James Holdsworth is healed in the beautiful Alaskan wilderness.  The end is the answer.  If you read Mind Map first, you will see I turn James into an "Emotive Rationalist," the psychological ideal presented in Mind Map.




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