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Mudsong by Michael Spring


Mudsong is Michael Spring’s second collection of poems. A selection of poems from Mudsong won the 2004 Robert Graves Poetry Award. It was also included in a list of 150 outstanding poetry books in Oregon's 150-year history, nominated by the public, and presented in 2007 by Oregon State Library and Poetry Northwest.


“In poems made of muck, time, magic and jazz, Michael Spring’s Mudsong reminds us that nature, ours and the world’s, is at once organic and mysterious. Spring’s art celebrates by paying attention – by resolving to slow down, be somewhere in particular and listen and look. With nods to Pierre Bonnard, Ornette Coleman and Mary Oliver, among others, the poems in Mudsong sing human with “the music…of the earth.”


– Lex Runciman

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