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Root of Lightning by Michael Spring


Root of Lightning, Michael Spring's third book of poems, was a finalist for the 2012 Eric Hoffer Book Award.


"This is a book of poems, at once direct and clear-minded, full of passion and fight and assertive of a truly spirited person. This collection is full of active verbs and magic, bookended by two poems in which the writer announces he has found "the door in the river," and announces, at the end, that he has "planted," (it), "in the middle of the field," (and that he) "will leave it open." Spring understands the electric energy of healing and the power of the image in the process, as in the poem, "Song of the Healer," and offers us a book of medicine poems-rooted in earth and body wisdom, that have an extraordinary cleansing effect on the senses. They burn white hot, sizzling and soothing our cluttered, modern lives."


-- US Review of Books


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