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The Black Mirror  by Rich Norman


The Black Mirror is psychology, philosophy and wisdom become play and pleasure.  Through parable, saying, song and story we plumb the depths to questions our "whys" and discover humor, tenderness and candor to be an undercurrent which invites us into our reflection, into the question behind the answer which lies on the surface. Wisdom is a laughing, weeping god who knows play best!


This is a beautiful book, a book with its wisdom tastefully hidden, a book of parables, verse and over 600 aphorisms and epigrams.  Serious subject matter approached playfully.  The entire book is psychology made beautiful, handled with philosopher's gloves.  Each parable is ripe for interpretation, each epigram or aphorism a thought confection, multi-layered and condensed, rich with many meanings, some pointed, some unexpected, but none left to chance. Epigrams and parables are psychology at play!




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