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The Tangible Self  by Rich Norman


Psychoanalysis offers the only sure permanent cure without drugs for certain potentially severe types of mental illness (the transference neuroses––certain types of hysteria and obsessional neurosis, aka OCD), as well as a way to improve the overall mental health and mental functioning of healthy people.  With a new psychoanalytic technique which I have named, "Native Psychoanalysis," the earliest memories and impressions from childhood and other contributors to neurosis and symptom producing repressions can be more quickly accessed and returned to consciousness.  One is led by way of clear examples through the specific steps which will uncover the unconscious roots of neurotic illness.


Chapters on the cycle of libidinal energy, the interpretation of hysterical and obsessive symptoms and the discovery of their infantile component as well as other uncomfortable topics are dealt with in a hands-on concrete fashion. This is a book for the very few, but those few, both necessity's serious student of psychology and therapists alike will be glad to have it!  A new approach to revealing the repressions responsible for the transference neuroses!  For those few who are invited into the depths of such topics and need this knowledge, this book will become indispensable.



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