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Time Saw a Fly by Rich Norman


The human mind contains a mystery, a mystery which unlocks the reasons for the inexplicable things we do, our true soul, hidden in darkness and twice unknowable: The Unconscious.  Here in the invisible heart of Man lies his impossible unspoken truth, a truth forever sealed away from his view but always turning silently within him, the unknown hand which his reasons never manage to explain––dark, omnipotent and invisible...until now.  Sam Lessing can see into the hidden unconscious theatre in the minds of his fellow Americans.  What he sees reveals a hopeful terrible truth, our truth.


This novel tackles the big questions, the purpose and meaning of life––the huge, impossible existential questions.  If you have an appetite for humor and beauty, a hunger for the oldest questions and the answers they crave, you will enjoy this book.  Through means often beautiful and poetic, sometimes clear and direct, the nature of our hidden soul is laid bare amidst an overarching examination of the human spirit and potential.  Touching, funny, hopeful and shocking, Time Saw a Fly is a photograph of our unflattering human "truth," and the creative answer to the meaningless question we see.




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