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Dr. David Hanscom's DOCC

Dr. David Hanscom's DOCC: another pathway up from the abyss



I am singularly pleased to be able to introduce Dr. David Hanscom MD, a spine surgeon of the very highest caliber, who is also expert in matters of the mind.  Please read his articles below.  His DOCC, which stands for Defined Organized Comprehensive Care, is a complete system of recovery for both mind and body, which has application in treating chronic pain, both mental and physical.  Unlike most "experts," Dr. Hanscom is the real thing, and uses his methods himself.  That, is impressive.  When I first heard of the DOCC, I will admit, I was skeptical.  I have treated some of these same problems myself, in particular OCD, and this method was nothing like what I had used.  Nothing. However, it is effective.  This is not an idle statement.  I have researched Dr. Hanscom's ideas, and although they are utterly distinct from my own, and often contradict my system, I am certain they are effective, and have detailed exactly why (Norman, 2013 mind/body).  The DOCC is real––another pathway up from the abyss.


Some of you, will be like me, and will have no support in the healing process.  If so, you will have to conduct a painful self-psychoanalysis, if you want an alternative to drugs.  This approach, self-psychoanalysis, cures the disorder, but it hurts terribly.  A sentence from my Re-Polarization paper available for download from the archive at:


"This paper and journal are devoted to self-psychoanalysis, and so, this fact is key: We who heal ourselves must find help, in ourselves!  Has anyone ever helped you but you––ever––even once?  Of course not!  Fortunately, we need them–––not at all!"


That statement is quite telling. How blessed it would have been to have assistance!  Dr. Hanscom is sure, you can not do this thing alone.  While I must disagree in the strictest sense, I also believe he is right.  Those of you who are alone, in the roughest straits, who wish to see the unspeakable in daylight and be healed, read my work.  Those of you who want another road out, one less severe, where there is a hand to help––read on.  I am ever so pleased to present…another way up from the abyss: Dr. David Hanscom's DOCC.




Norman, R. (2013). Mind Body Syndrome––the unconscious constellation: Condensation, abreaction and dissociative-repression in the genesis and disbandment of Tension Myositis Syndrome. The Journal of Unconscious Psychology. Retrieved from:



Click a link to read an article by Dr. David Hanscom:


Learning About Chronic Pain:


Three Sources of Chronic Pain          Structural Sources of Pain          Non-Structural Sources of Pain


Mind Body Syndrome    



Pain Pathways:


You Are Not Your Thoughts               The Terrifying Triad              Pain Pathways are Permanent 


Unlearning How to Ride Your Bicycle             White Bears and ANTS



The Connection Between Anger and Pain:


The Abyss    Anger = Loss of Control      Your Hand Stuck over the Stove      “The Doctor is Missing Something”


A Tale of Two Golf Holes    Ugolino      Advantages of Victimhood



Separating from Pain Pathways and Reprogramming:


The Cup Song        Unhooking from the Train       Write and Don’t Stop        The Eye of the Storm 


Staying in the Eye of the Storm    Your Journey Inward     Enjoy Your Day Today     Play



Family Issues:


Pain = Anger = Abuse     Protect Your Family From Your Pain – Now    Escaping Your Family – The Crab Bucket


Breaking Loose – Not Quite



Moving Forward:


Acceptance and Forgiveness       Nick’s Winning Run – Off of the Hill


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