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Theoretical Physics with George Rajna

May He Rest in Peace



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The primary seduction of physics is simplicity.  Can the scientist do the impossible and discover a simple explanation which underlies the manifest complexities we observe in the universe?  The theoretical physicist is a poet of sorts, he seeks the brief, beautiful answer concealed within the question, as a careful poet, he needs to discover a beautiful truth which explains in but few ideas, the entire of it all––everything.  Is there a simple, symmetrical connectivity, a deep principle which connects together the multitude of manifest complexity, and reveals that complexity to be an illusion born of a newly revealed truth?  His is a poem of great brevity––physics is mathematical haiku, and I have found a supreme poet: George Rajna.  I stumbled across this work by accident on the net, and was deeply impressed.  Here, is a thinker of the greatest precision and originality who offers up a new vision which solves many intractable problems in but few brush strokes, as a zen master who places his brush upon the page and brings a vision to life with few lines.  Are these ideas true?  I do not know.  However, I have studied them, and I am entirely sure they are sensible, possible, and brilliant.  Read and learn of new possibility: the graviton may be two photons together, the nature of dark energy and matter might well be defined in these pages, there is new insight concerning the uncertainty principle and the relation of gravity to electromagnetism, ideas about entropy, information and reality…and so much more!   I am not sure if this author is correct, history will reveal this fact one way or the other.  I am however, sure of one thing: George Rajna is a mouthpiece of the possible.  Please enjoy these papers. 


––Rich Norman



Theory of Everything – 4 Dimensional String Theory                     Higgs Field and Quantum Gravity


The Bridge between Classical and Quantum Mechanics                 3 Dimensional String Theory


The Magnetic Field of the Electric Current and the Magnetic Induction           Accelerated Relativity


Information – Entropy Theory of Artificial Intelligence           The Accelerating Universe      


Information – Entropy Theory of Physics                     Dark Matter and Energy        


The Gravitational Force                Exotic Mesons, Hadrons and the Electro-Strong Interaction             


The Electro-Strong Interaction        Superconductive Current            General Weak Interaction           


The Proton Radius Puzzle and the Electro-Strong Interaction  


Quantum Consciousness and Entanglement                          Sterile Neutrino and Dark Matter


The Secret of Quantum Entanglement                     Quantum Gravity and Entanglement


Quantum Information and Entanglement   The Dark Side of the Higgs Field and General Relativity


Quantum Cognition and Entanglement                   Quantum Teleportation and Entanglement


Quantum Biology and Entanglement                        Higgs Field and Quantum Entanglement                 


Quantum Entanglement and Electromagnetic Diffraction  


Relativity and Spin in Quantum Mechanics                Certain about Uncertainty Principle?


Majorana Particles, Superconductivity and Quantum Computing


Realistic Quark-Gluon Plasma and the Electro-Strong Interaction             WIMP as Dark Matter


The Challenge of the Lepton Universality                Axions, Hidden photons as Dark Matter


New subatomic particle and the Electro-Strong and -Weak Interaction


Quantum Effects Stop the Formation of Black Holes?


Understanding the balance of matter and antimatter in the Universe


Black Holes: A Model for Superconductors with Quantum Entanglement?


Dark Matter is Being Erased by Dark Energy?                      Electron is rounder than predicted


Scientists create never-before-seen form of matter              Everything about Dark Energy


SIMP or WIMP as Dark Matter                                       Collisions of matter-wave solitons


Consciousness Is A State Of Matter?                Dark Matter May Behave Like Wavy Fluid


Black Hole may be a Neutrino Factory      No Axions from the Sun         Gravitational Arrow of Time


Hidden Magnetic Waves in High-Temperature Superconductors         Dark Matter and Black Holes


Black Holes in the Early Universe                                       Could 'Higgsogenesis' explain dark matter?


Dark Matter is Not Particles, But Chunks                         Higgs boson may appear to be a techni-higgs


Quantum Entanglement in Photoactive Prebiotic Systems              Spooky Alignment of Quasars


Cosmic Reionisation in the Accelerating Universe          Information Flow Direction in the Brain


The Dark Side of the Higgs Field is a Fifth Force?                      The Secret of Dark Matter


Searching for Dark Photons           Dark Matter and Relic Neutrinos              Why Life Exists?


The Hunt for Dark Photons                         Information – Entropy Theory of Life


General Relativity Test in 2015               Is the Higgs boson a piece of the matter-antimatter puzzle?


Scientists May Finally Have "Seen" Dark Matter                HIGGS BOSON VS DARK MATTER



Dark Matter-Induced Collapse of Neutron Stars              Simplification of Quantum Mechanics


Gravitational Wave of Strange Stars                                     Higgs Physics against the University?


Holography, Higgs Field and Quantum Gravity             Neutrinos may breaking the Standard Model


Memories might be passed down through generations in our DNA    


Tensor networks and Quantum Gravity                                Black Hole is a Time Machine?


Entangled Quantum Particles Heavier?                              Graviton is Fantasy or Reality?


Differential Mystery of Accelerated Relativity                  Dark Matter Probably Not So Dark


Dark-Matter Galaxy Detected?                                               New Particle Detect Dark Matter?    


Quantum Computing and Relativity                            Information Theory Rescue Cosmologists


Anthropic Principle                                                           Asymmetric Dark Matter in the Sun


Catching the Graviton by Superconductors                  New data on the nature of Dark Matter


Atom Interferometry in an Optical Cavity         Microscope Can See Down to Individual Atoms


Chameleon Dark Matter and Energy                             Dark Matter is non-interactive


Entangle 3000 atoms using a single photon        Gravitational Repulsion of Matter and Antimatter


The Rainbow Universe has no beginning             AI Chart of the Accelerating Universe


Best way to measure Dark Energy                          Black Hole Information Paradox Resolution


How revamped LHC could change physics         Important Step toward Quantum Computer


Quantum Interference between Two Atoms      Seeing Dark Matter - without seeing


Superfluid Neutron Stars      Supernovae Powered by Magnetars     White Holes and Black Holes


Critical Steps toward Quantum Computer     Cyclotron Radiation Measured from a Single Electron


Dark Matter May Feel a “Dark Force”                          Proposal to Detect Graviton


Theory of the Strong Interaction Verified Finally        Black Hole's intense Magnetic Field


Brain Computer       Dark Lightning      First Neural-Network Chip      Glow in the Dark Matter


How to turn Light into Matter in LHC?              LHC, Dark Matter and Planck's Law


Operating System for Quantum Computing        Quantum-Mechanical Monopoles


Secret Code within Human DNA              The Elusive Graviton


String Theory and Quantum Equation predicts Universe has no beginning




Electron can be broken down into smaller charge pulses


How Time ‘Emerges’ from Quantum Entanglement


Left-handed cosmic magnetic field could explain missing antimatter?


Maybe dark matter is not made up of heavy particles after all?


Mix Matter and Anti-Matter Resolves the Proton Puzzle     Quantum Computing and Cybersecurity


Quantum Entanglement Across Generations           Spacetime is built by Quantum Entanglement


The 'key' to Quantum Network solution                Black Hole Information Cloning


Computer Invents new Scientific Theory        Dark Energy from Quantum Vacuum


Future of Quantum Gravity             Physics of the Brain                  Qubit Transfer


Quantum Cheshire Cat effect explained                  Quantum Artificial Intelligence


Quantum Hyperentanglement                                 Quantum Cryptography with Qubit Transfer


Magnetism Control Heat and Sound     Quasiparticles Topolariton      Spin-Entangled Electrons


Quantum Computer Storage                               Information Conversion to Energy    


New Electron Spin Secrets Revealed                  Genetic Basis of Brain Networks


Conversion from Spin Currents to  Charge Currents in a Superconductor


Quantum Computers attracting Commercial Interest     Direct Observation of Neutrino Oscillation    

Quantum Decoherence due to Gravitational Time Dilation        Quantum Computer Storage


Photochemistry Build Molecules       LHC Explore The Big Bang        Brain is a Quantum Computer?


Quantum Computing advances Artificial Intelligence             LHC Explore Pentaquark  


LHC Dark Matter Experiments                   Weyl Fermions for Quantum Computing


Dark Matter acts like well-known Particle            Dark Matter in Dead Galaxies


Higgs Boson's Dark Side at LHC                       Quantum Computing with Qutrits   


Qubit Chemistry of Quantum Computer                  Strongly Interacting Dark Matter


Superconducting Qubit and Magnetic Sphere                Supersymmetry Questioned in LHC


Equivalence Principle and Electromagnetic Force           Neutral Atoms Quantum Computing


Neutrino Mass from Atomic Mass Difference                    Quantum Spin Hall Effect


Ultrafast Electron Diffraction of Atoms and Molecules        Quantum Tunneling Mystery Solved


Correlated Electrons of Superconductors                       Superfluid in Magnetic Field


Protons and Antiprotons Mirror Images                    Discovery of New Ultra-High-Energy Neutrino


New Optical Chip for Quantum Computer            Electromagnetic Heart-Brain Connection


Universe is not Left-Handed?                                    Twin Paradox on Microchip


Origins of Energy in Quantum Chemistry            Testing Theories of Dark Energy


Diffraction Structure in Atomically Thin Graphene             Quantum Cognition by Nuclear Spins


Tricking the Uncertainty Principle?                     Quantum Computing and Future Technologies


Quark Gluon Plasma in LHC                                   LHC Signal Cracks the Standard Model   


Quantum Dots for Qubit Transfer                        Superconductor with Majorana Particle


Startup Breakthrough in Brain-like Computing       Bacterium's Quantum Interference


Complex Networks and Quantum Gravity                 Dark Matter Cause Observable Oscillations


Decision is Quantum Probabilistic                Information – Entropy Theory of Consciousness


Leptoquarks by LHeC     Lightweight Dark Matter Detectors      Mott Transition in a Superconductor


Picture of Magnetic Waves                  Positrons with Plasma for Smaller Particle Colliders


Quantum Physics of Brain                                    Switching Magnets Using Light    


X-ray Images of Cuprate Superconductors               Cognitive Quantum Computing


Electromagnetic Dark Matter in LHC                   Electromagnetic Quantum Consciousness


Electromagnetic Theory of Everything                Entropy during Lifetime      


Gravitational Wave Detector Restarted              Quantum Relative Entropy


Quantum Tunneling Diffusion of Hydrogen                    Vacuum Fluctuations Measured


Arrow of Time under a Quantum Microscope             Phonons are 'Bosonic' Particles


Direct Detection of Stealth Dark Matter                      Quantum Superposition of Ordered Events


Robots and Computers 'Consciousness'         Superconductivity through Quantum Dot


Shedding Light on Dark Matter        Dark Matter and Life's Origin         Gravitational Faraday Effect


Future Quantum Networks       Kaon and the Universe           Converting Dark Lightning


Quantum Thermodynamic Irreversibility                  Measuring Entanglement Entropy


Missing Matter of the Universe     Boson Fermion Transmutations    Glueball and Photonic Molecules


Fermionic Dark Matter and Black Holes            Dark Matter Detection Model     


Cold Fermions Keep Distance​                           LISA Pathfinder for gravitational waves


Secure Quantum Teleportation                        Time Runs Backwards Inside Black Holes?    


LUX Dark Matter Detector News                      Dark Matter and Supermassive Black Holes


Photonic Bose-Einstein Condensate                Entangled Qubits at Room Temperature


Gravitation and Speed of Light                          Entangling Different Atoms      


Dancing Electrons in Superconductors          Magnetic Fields in Central Black Hole


Quantum Superposition at Meter Scale          Wormholes are Quantum Entangled Black Holes?


Asymmetric Dark Matter Particle Models                   Big Bang in LHC


Black Hole’s Shadow                                                 Breakthrough in Antimatter Research?


Bright Light on Dark Matter                                  Changes in the Structure of Proton


Dark Matter in Milky Way's Center?                  Dark Matter Speed Test


Discovering Dark Matter Particles                      Electronic Zero Resistance


Entanglement of Identical Particles                    Equivalence Principle of Microgravity


Four Rotating Photons Entangled                       Gluons' Contribution to Proton Spin


Gravitational Waves Discovered                          Heat Transport by Photons


Heavy Fermions Nuclear Superconductivity          How Create Matter from Light


LIGO and Quantum Gravity                              Measuring the Acceleration of the Universe


New Properties of Superconductivity                              Phonon Photon Conversions


Quantum Computing based on Majorana Fermions  


Quantum Computing of Big Data                                    Quantum Liquid Behavior


Quantum Correlations                                                             Quantum Dots News


Quantum Structure of Time                                          Quantum Thermodynamics


Response Time of Electrons to Light                        Spin of Quantum Computing


Quantum Electric Current                                             Spintronics and Magnonics


Strongly Linked Quantum Particles                       Superlight Dark Matter Detection


Testing the Internal Structure of Proton            Universal Symmetry of Time and Space


Weight of Quantum Entanglement                            Computer Quantum Experiments


Dark-Matter Frequency                                          Discovery Finds Missing Matter in the Universe


Double Slit by Two Atoms                                                   Electronic Weyl Momentum


Higgs Force in Atomic Spectra                                           IBM Watson Emotion Analysis


Layered Quantum Cryptography                                      New Model for Dark Matter


Plants Memory                                                                        Protected Majorana States


Quantum Dark State                                                          Quantum Hypergraph States


Quantum Many Particle Problem                                    Quantum Optics for Quantum Computing


Rapid Superconducting Memory                                   Simulated Expansion of the Universe


Spin Liquids                                                                                Thermoelectric Current


Topological Superconductors                                           Transforming Fermions into Bosons




Unexpected Twist on Superconductivity                    Monogamy of Quantum Mechanics


Superconducting Quantum Computers                     Scaling the Quantum Computer


Measuring Many-Particle Entanglement                   Twisted Light of Quantum Optics


Quantum Fingerprints                                                      Two Quantum Properties Teleported


Quantum Effects of Superconductor                          Colorful Microcosm within a Proton


How to Interface Photonics and Spintronics            Linear Optical Quantum Computing


Antimatter and Antimemories                                       Superconductivity in a New Light


Hippocampal and Cortical Neurons Oscillate  


Dark Matter in the Milky Way Halo                              Sound Waves and Qubits


Second Quantum Revolution                                           Brain Processes Emotions


Delayed-Choice Experiment                                            Quantum Distillation


Quantum Entangled Mirrors                                           Quantum Spin Liquid


Zip Software and Quantum Entanglement              Tests for Schrodinger Cats


Superfast Light of Quantum Dots                               Quantum Tunneling Water


Quantum Physics in Real Life                                      Quantum Noise Spectroscopy


Quantum Cryptography One-Way Street               Quantum Cascade Laser


Producing, Crystallizing Biomolecules                   Optical Nonlinearity


One-Way Quantum Steering                                       Light-Induced Spin Current


Exotic 'Spin Nematic' Phase                                        Entangled Photon Qubits


Enigmatic Spin Momentum of Light                       Electron Eye on Atoms and Molecules


Electron Beams Shape                                                 Contacting Antisocial Neutrinos


Certain Axion-Like Particles Excluded                   Bell Correlations


Autonomous Quantum Error Correction              Atoms in Silicon as Quantum Simulator


Atomic Clocks and Gravitational Waves               Universal Quantum Computer


Superconductive Charge Density Waves              Quantum Cache in Diamonds


Genetic Quantum Algorithms                                   Particle Zoo in a Quantum Computer


Supercomputers on Dark Matter                            Magnetic Anisotropy


Measuring Polarization of Light                             Quantum Entanglement Swapping


Molecular Photoswitch                                               Soliton in Ultracold Gases


3-D Pattern of Quantum Computers                     Bose-Einstein Condensates


Superconductor's Asymmetry                                 Terahertz Waves Power-Splitting


Hybrid Quantum Computer                                     Classical 'Quantum' Bounds


Gravitational Wave of Dark Matter                       Schrodinger's Cat of Quantum Computer


Higgs Boson and Bottom Quark                             Magnetic Recording with Light


Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking                         Phages Use Peptide to Communicate


Molecular Duet                                                              New Type of Quantum Phase Transition


Violations of Energy Conservation                        Graphene's Superconductivity Awakens


AI Systems See the World as Humans                  Send Information Using a Single Particle of Light


OLYMPUS on Structure of Protons                       Neutrino Detectable Supernova Explosion


Quantum Machine Learning to Infinite Dimensions             Spin of the Proton


DNA Information Storage                                                                Black Holes Eject Matter


Quantum Mechanics Protect Security Online                          Control over Single Atoms


Newly Discovered Phenomenon Accelerates Electrons


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