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New Ideas

Please enjoy this video of my unusual one man percussion show––a new idea if ever there was one!

Click to read.  Links must be copied from downloaded papers!  [new material is added at the bottom of the page]:



A Novel Idea: From Symptom to Sublimation          Active Relativity––virtual mass: the mathematics of divinity



My Addiction      Our Lost Heart of Light        Quantum Psychoanalysis          Unappreciateditis         The Remedy



From Spirituality to Neuroscience: Our Harvest of a Bounteous Knowledge––A Nested Scientificism



Brahma and universal process identification: Enlightenment––a psychoanalytic perspective               Aphorisms



The temporal nexus of particle/antiparticle symmetry––and a coloring book              Cerebral Salt Peanuts



A hypothetical relation between repressive dynamism and Parkinsonian onset––the factor of sympathetic neural balance



A Roman Spring         The System of Affective Assignment          Guilt and Knowledge          Necessity's idealist



Selfish Virtue         Sublimation by Integration: the new paradigm of human personality––a psychical fusion



Ignorance and the Most Hopeful Question         Ventriloquism and the Paradox of Foolish Intelligence



The Pharmacology of Murder: SSRI Drugs, Hysterical Psychosis, 5-HT and Repression      The Poetry of Knowledge



The Quantitative Unconscious: A Psychoanalytic Perturbation-Theoretic Approach to the Complexity of Neuronal Systems in the Neuroses



The Orch OR theory of consciousness and the amplitude compounding harmonic multiplier



Psycho-ontology and fractal dimension: of micro genesis and structural limit



Limbic connectivity and sympathetic neural balance: the primary psycho-physiological locus of affect



What if Roger's right? a. Reality and the quantum basis of affect––b. Entangled intraconnectivity
and universal cognition––c. Temporal Mass



Three new ideas––quantum energy, the temporal field, unconscious processes and black hole holography



Neuroquantology and the Cartesian Dualism: The bitter cleft of a closed mind



The new Bohmian mechanics: an empirical approach to the quantum/psychical dynamic



Entanglement and atemporal genesis: Homogenous dynamism vs. non-evolutionary cross-cancelation



Mnemic connectionist modeling: A holographic universal paradigm



Quantum resonance and DNA, quantum resonance and the photosynthetic solar cell, Think Net: a future thought



Re-Polarization Theory: Alteration of traumatic memory––The Practical Reconstruction of Modern Personality



The Universal Intelligence Network: Think Net––because a thought can change the world



A temporo-informational nonlocal model, and two beautiful thoughts



A Place Beneath Silence: Quantum entanglement and limbic-OFC dynamism––a human question



Speculations about Parkinson's and the affective SEEKING system, and The Shelless Horenki



Parkinson's, Profit and People: The science money wants hidden



Parkinson's, Profit and People: The science money wants hidden, pt. 2.



Evolutionary speculation from a-priori observation: Structural and content specific transformations in unconscious dynamism and phylogenetic redistribution––the healthy unconscious



Superposition, perturbation and compromise formation symbolism: a testable quantum unconscious model



The Affect Information Model of Physical Consciousness: A = O



Oneness: A specific analytic account of primary omni-objective ontological reunification. Self as an active identifier in primary empathy: attachments and dynamic analyses.







Mind and Consciousness: emergent primacy––the dream revealed



The neuroscience of primary empathetic connectivity: Create the light within



Big Pharma and the Government do care–––about money



QBism: a subjective quantum theory––analysis and evaluation



A new paradigm needs…a new myth



Impedance as red shift, schizophrenic amelioration with ultrasound, CRISPR and the death receptor



Arthur Eugene Pletcher: Time Perspective Bias Apparent decreasing of time intervals, over large scales (TPB)



Logic: a quantum ontologic self-recursive affective product and affective distributional basis



Universal connectivity made simple, the spooler function, and eternal places



Modern Man: of phylogeny, guilt, obedience and consequence––an answer to old problems



Mnemic Psycho-Epigenetics: the foundational basis of depth, archetype and synthesis in psychology



The Epigenetic Unconscious pt. 1.



The Epigenetic Unconscious pt. 2.



(semi)-Regressive plastic attachment therapy



Quantum Unconscious Theory pt. 1



Quantum Unconscious Theory pt. 2



Something New: Of Nation and Race



The Walk and a "Good" Appetite: beauty, law and quantum ethical genesis



Three new thoughts: Temporal process as Tripartite Pre-Temporal Simultaneity, Squeezed Gravitation and Objective Reality



Ontological Calculus: The descriptive and relational calculus of human meta-psychology



Atavistic evolution: the nexus of human error and answer, pt. 1



Atavistic evolution: the nexus of human error and answer, pt. 2



Two Worlds



Future Wish: Self-referential tautology…an "onto-logic" antidote: from wish to world



Wave-function as onto-physical transference: Collapse––an abstract encoding pt.1



Quantum Unconscious Pre-Space: A Psychoanalytic/Neuroscientific Analysis of the Cognitive Science of Elio Conte The Hard Problem of Consciousness, New Approaches and Directions; as published in the journal Neuroquantology



Homeostatic Conductance and Parasympathetic Basis Alteration: Two Alternative Approaches to Deep Brain Stimulation in Parkinson’s, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Depression, as published in the World Journal of Neuroscience



A worthy riddle:



Somatic adaptivity, affect and ego: a cursory analysis––from consciousness to social complexity



Informational Pleomorphism



The Enigma that is Light.  (Dunning-Davies/Norman)



The Quantitative Unconscious: A Psychoanalytic Perturbation-Theoretic Approach to the Complexity of Neuronal Systems in the Neuroses (v. 2), as published in the journal Neuroquantology



Is This True?  (Norman/Dunning-Davies)


New therapeutic intervention and assessment tools: GSR, sexual dysfunction and the Peptide Assisted Therapy method––an applied therapy and mathematical metric of healing.



Quantum Information Medicine: Bit as It—The Future Direction of Medical Science: Antimicrobial and Other Potential Nontoxic Treatments, as featured in the World Journal of Neuroscience



Behind the Human Veil



Beyond the Veil   Jeremy Dunning-Davies and Richard Lawrence Norman



A Note on the Gravitational Equations analogous to Maxwell’s Electromagnetic Equations.  J. P. Dunning-Davies and J. Dunning-Davies



Practical and theoretical assessment of  relativistic theory v. 2.  J.  Dunning-Davies and R. L. Norman as published in the Hadronic Journal



The informational magnecule: the role of aqueous coherence and information in biological dynamics and morphology.  R. L. Norman and J. Dunning-Davies as published in the Hadronic Journal, and the American Journal of Modern Physics



Some Possible Links Between Drugs and Violence. 



What Is and What If.



The technology which will save the world.



Epiphany or Bust



Review: Spintronic characteristics of self-assembled neurotransmitter acetylcholine molecular

complexes enable quantum information processing in neural networks and brain



Will Dreams be the New Front in Fighting Terrorism?  by  Daniel Oldis



The Answer: Roadmap for a New Humanity



Future's Mirror: The Endocannabinoid System in Human Pathology



Truth in Paradigm    By  Norman and Dunning-Davies



The Last Fall



Experimental Confirmation of the Synthesis of Neutrons and Neutroids from a Hydrogen Gas   

as published in the American Journal of Modern Physics



A Possible Angular Quantization as a Complement to the Conventional Radial Quantization in the Hydrogen Atom and Aqueous Systems   as publisjed in the American Journal of Modern Physics



Parametric Validation Reinforcement Loops, and the Cosmological Constant Problem  by  Arthur E. Pletcher



Toxic mechanics and solutions: heavy metals, ionizing radiation and compensatory antioxidants



Energy and matter creation: The Poynting Vortex



Geoengineering: an unacknowledged source of ozone damage, metallic pollution and neurodegeneration

Probabilistic Mechanics: the hidden variable, Norman and Dunning-Davies as published in the Hadronic Journal

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