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Necessity's idealist               Aphorisms                The Black Mirror           Philosophy: Truth Lies Here



The Puerile Fish               Cerebral Salt Peanuts           First Order Existence          The Break of Night



Competition, Cooperation, and the Death of the American Family                       Selfish Virtue



From Spirituality to Neuroscience: Our Harvest of a Bounteous Knowledge––A Nested Scientificism



Generation Y: man as plant          Guilt and Knowledge             Happiness Loves Company          Hate



Ms. Kitty and the Couch of Death        Ventriloquism and the Paradox of Foolish Intelligence               



Our Lost Heart of Light              Solitude                      The Exception             The Dream Temple



The Inverse Cripple         The Poetry of Knowledge              The Worthy            The Priest and the Atheist



Unappreciateditis       Who Fired Prometheus?                       Music                      On the Returning of Gifts    



Splintered Pearls: Volume 1. 128 thoughts                       Splintered Pearls: Volume 2. 104 thoughts



Verse and Pearl: a future call and 14 thoughts                Verse and Pearl: An introduction and 16 thoughts



The Human Aesthetic             Jacob's Last Rite           Justice Lies Within (or Beauty, Truth and the Philologist)



A sea change of inches          Thirty thoughts              Verse and Pearl: a call to life and sixteen thoughts



The River, and 16 thoughts          Cycles of Time          Existential Shards: Splintered Pearl         Existential Verse



Our Two Worlds: Essay, Verse and Pearl                          Our Tender Hope



Politics, hope and the international character of science: Kissinger in sweats



Fulfillment                Religion vs. Spirit: Evolution and essence––Humanity's Kook-Work Orange, and an answer



My life…unity, a howling blade, and the flying avengers                                Fire



Of Leanne, Candice, Lana, Renate and the contingencies of fate   



The inverse property of luxury, and naked happiness          Follow the money: The maple, the worth, and the price



Us                What's the point?              A "Good" Appetite              Something New: Of Nation and Race



The Walk and a "Good" Appetite: beauty, law and quantum ethical genesis



Future Wish: Self-referential tautology…an "onto-logic" antidote: from wish to world



Two Worlds               The Devil's God                   Time                  Two beautiful things, and two thoughts



A Worthy Riddle         A question of Faith            Patience    



Reincarnation in Today's Science and Kabbalah  by: Rabbi Allen S. Maller

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