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Peter Donald Rodgers


Peter Donald Rodgers: The New Relativity  

Every once in a while something utterly shocking and amazing takes place and the entire of the world is re-understood in an instant.  Albert Einstein provided us with one of those moments, as did Isaac Newton before him.  I may have found another: Peter Donald Rodgers.  This fellow is bloody amazing…I kid you not.  His views are so revolutionary and complete, that I can truly say I am honored to have read this work.  Much of it still eludes my comprehension, but I am sure of one thing: this is genius…a complete and utterly new take on reality.  Quite so.  I challenge you, the adept reader, for you must be that to enter here…I challenge you––can you suspend your belief in what you know long enough to consider a new thing?  That is hard to do!  One must possess great intelligence in order to forget one's cherished preconceptions.  Forget what you know…you know nothing!  Good.  Now the page is again blank, we are children, and may begin to think and play.  Here, look what I have found!  A new world!  Only a child who is willing to see something new may enter here, only one who is blessed and seduced to learn, is welcome.  Here, come along and see what I have found…something completely new and fantastic!  The impossible new world of Peter Donald Rodgers.  Gravity and electromagnetism are of one field, we are all made of light, light speed is not constant, the equations of Maxwell, Hawking and Einstein can be further refined, and so many more specific new ideas!  Yes…this is new!  Who knows, perhaps his world, so strange, and yet intuitively obvious, has been our world all along, and only now has the child awoken…and begun at last––to see.   

––Rich Norman  Editor in Chief: Mind Magazine


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 Superrelativity as featured in the journal:  Open Journal of Fluid Dynamics 

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