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Our New Paradigm with Paolo Manzelli



It seems that the destiny of Man is set in stone, a linear certainty born of greed and competition.  Clearly, as a race, our approach to all things is deeply flawed, headed straight toward what we have always found as destiny: disaster.  War and conflict, greed, the will to dominance and deep fear, have been the hallmark of human achievement…although our better potential is clear, if as yet untapped.  There is an answer:  A quantum paradigm shift for humanity––an entanglement. 


Modern industrial life has left us in a condition which is apparent to all: we are a linear, competitive child-race with broken eyes…all but free of empathy or worth.  It can be different.  I was so pleased to read this work…work as if from an unknown and aged brother writing from across the sea.  A vision based on a lifelong understanding of physics and chemistry.  Here is the answer.  These papers are not difficult to understand, and although the language barrier is sometimes evident, the message is smooth as glass, and entirely correct.  This is right.  This is hope.  This is the science of what's next, our new paradigm: Empathy and entanglement.   (Some of these papers were published first elsewhere, as is indicated in the text).  

––Rich Norman



Click a link to read a paper:



Triadic Quantum Energy



Multi-Level Investigation on "Telepathy": Frontiers on Trans-Disciplinary



DNA and Music



BIO-Quantum PHYSICS: DNA/RNA As an Information Energy Catalyst in Life Systems



“ENTANGLEMENT THEORY” : from q.Particles to q.Bits and from q.Bits to q.Particles
Conceptual contradictions of Quantum mechanics and some revision and new cognitive proposals of Bio-Q.Physics



Beyond Entanglement: Splitting of the Dual Nature of Quantum Wave Particles



SELF-ORGANIZATION and ENERGY CONVERSION -Quantum –Bio-Physics ( II – part )



REMOTE CONTROL by DNA as a Bio-sensor-antenna



What Means Life (power point)



Quantum Space Time Matrix

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