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Physics with Doc Schuster

It is my sincere pleasure to introduce to you, a physicist who not only knows the subject in the greatest detail, but also, has the unusual love of expression which makes it possible for the rest of us to share in his universe of thought.  As a psychologist and musician self-taught in all matters of the physical sciences, I was stunned and ever so pleased to find this resource: the video lectures of Doc Schuster.  His chosen monikers, Doc Schuster, or Doc Physics are a clue to the man––a man without pretense of any kind.  This fellow is exactly right in his approach to learning and teaching…exactly: he loves it!  That…is infectious!  The fact that he let me link all these fine lectures for free, says it all––he simply loves to teach!  I invite you into the world of physics, from basic math, to quantum theory––[the lecture explaining the uncertainty principle is so very easy to grasp…try it!!]––from diodes to magnetic monopoles––it is all here!  And what fun!  Yes…physics is fun!  If you did not know that…you will soon.  Here, click on the link below, and watch a lecture.  Doc Physics, or, Doc Schuster is not only smart as a whip, he is downright silly!  To him, like Feynman, physics is one thing: Happiness!  That––makes all the difference.   ––Rich Norman


Click this link to access a video lecture:


Doc Schuster's AP and University Physics Index

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