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Please enjoy these high quality free E-Books.  Click a title to begin your download.



The Answer: Roadmap for a New Humanity  by Richard Norman




Truth in Paradigm  by Jeremy Dunning-Davies, Richard Norman




Beyond the Veil: Deception Truth and the Hidden Promise of Science by J. Dunning-Davies and R. Norman


Beyond the Veil is both an extension of Exploding a Myth, and also a broadening of the net.  Although this work is focused upon the impact of restricted thinking within physics, it will also disclose further aspects and details regarding the all too human effects of personality, ambition, paradigm and power as they affect the full proliferation of human potential and endeavor.  The veil which separates what is known from a world of hidden fact, the intransigence that stifles the processes which distill truth to advance in its stead, usury, personal and exploitive motives, extends far beyond the limited consequences of degeneration within the physical sciences.  The medical sciences are no less affected, and deeper still, the very substance of the social fabric itself.  To see and then solve this mystery, may lead humanity toward another, better outcome.  We peer behind the veil of human history, and discover the basic mental topography of modern man and his morality contain within them a basic hidden flaw, a secret which once unbound may lead toward the brightest future.  Hope lies hidden.  This work is a pathway to that unseen door, and a key.



Mind Map: Psychological Topography and an approach to a new creative psychology or... The Secret of Happiness by Rich Norman 


This small volume is perhaps the world's most hopeful, and so the world's most dangerous psychology book. It contains no less than the psychologist's philosopher's stone: how to transform the neurotic into the creative. Understand the secret of happiness to finally see Beauty caught with her skirt up – discover how to unwire the guilt which holds you back by removing the teeth of conscience – try mental exercises which free unconscious energies to increase intellect and creativity – recover the mental elasticity and bruised happiness of youth in later years, but be warned: Psychology with the gloves off is blood-sport, and not for the intellectually weak, timid or squeamish! A small book with large thoughts. Approach with caution.


Posthumous Verse by Rich Norman

Verse written beyond this life: Posthumous Verse.  Highly lyrical and descriptive imagery bring the reader along a tangible pathway of dream and living symbol into a world most honest and pure, a world worthy of a soul and spirit which never flinches at any fact, or refuses the beautiful answer to the question of what we are, and what we may yet become.  Verse written for the future, where what is worthy, may yet find root, and flourish.  Song for one yet unborn…perhaps you?  Posthumous Verse.


The Brussels Legacy by Leanne Delehanty

You are sure to enjoy this wonderfully written and deeply charming series of tales with illustrations.  Sweet, with a strong hint of allegory, you will find food and fun with a light heart and spirit to tempt.  The writing is warm and sunny, the pictorial accompaniment excellent, and the quality of presentation high. Subtle and playful, you are sure to find something here to enrich.  Please do enjoy this splendid dish: The Brussels Legacy.  



The Black Mirror by Rich Norman


The Black Mirror is psychology, philosophy and wisdom become play and pleasure. Through parable, saying, song and story we plumb the depths to questions our "whys" and discover humor, tenderness and candor to be an undercurrent which invites us into our reflection, into the question behind the answer which lies on the surface. Wisdom is a laughing, weeping god who knows play best! This is a beautiful book, a book with its wisdom tastefully hidden, a book of parables, verse and over 600 aphorisms and epigrams.  Serious subject matter approached playfully.  The entire book is psychology made beautiful, handled with philosopher's gloves.  Each parable is ripe for interpretation, each epigram or aphorism a thought confection, multi-layered and condensed, rich with many meanings, some pointed, some unexpected, but none left to chance.  Epigrams and parables are psychology at play!


Buried Children by Daniel Farcas

This stunning true account taken from journal entries, reveals a life of highest overcoming.  From humiliation, violence and cruel degradation endured as a Romanian orphan, the author reveals in stark terms the lows to which the human condition can sink, and the rare knowledge which such terrible depth provides.  Life itself reveals the complexity and nuance of the human condition…I can not recommend this book highly enough.  It is brief, far too honest and revealing.  Hear in plain language, unadorned and unedited… the unspeakable truth.  Our secret heart and need…spilled plainly out.  This book is not pleasurable to read…it is irresistible…as truth.  Buried Children by Daniel Farcas.



Coronary Heart Disease Work Up ––2015 by Dr. S. Shanmugam

Please enjoy this excellent book detailing many vital facts about the heart, its proper functioning, treatment and diagnosis.  The author, Dr. S. Shanmugam,  M.D., is an accomplished physician with extensive experience, and, a valuable contributing member of Think Net.  Coronary Heart Disease Work Up ––2015 by Dr. S. Shanmugam.




This insightful and revolutionary text spells out a new way to think of time, thought, gravitation, the present moment and eternity.  You will find the writing intelligible and the material approached in accessible terms with a minimum of mathematical formalism.  Highly recommended!  The Physics of NOW by AMRIT SREČKO ŠORLI.



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